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Billys Creek Bacteria Still High (2017-12-01)
Calusa Waterkeeper tested for the Enterococci bacteria in Billy’s Creek. Results show bacteria increasing continually upstream up to the filter marsh project at Marsh Avenue. The wastewater treatment plant nearer Seaboard St does not appear to be the primary source of bacterial contamination. [Bacteria Testing Results]
November 2017 Newsletter (2017-11-30)
The November 2017 Calusa Waterkeeper newsletter is available online. It features Waterkeeper news and opinions on issues. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [November Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]
Your Brain on Algae (2017-11-29)
A new documentary about toxic algae and the growing body of scientific evidence that ties it to neurological diseases, “Toxic Puzzle,” presents the work of biologist Paul Alan Cox. Links between the BMAA algae toxin and ALS were first observed by Cox 20 years ago on the Pacific U.S. territory Guam. [Keys News] [Toxic Puzzle] [Trailer]
Save Our Creeks Annual Meeting (2017-11-29)
Save Our Creeks (SOC) will hold its annual meeting on Dec 10 in Palmdale. SOC is a strong advocate for Fisheating Creek, helping it remain the most natural of South Florida streams. Calusa Waterkeeper is a life-time member of SOC. [SOC Annual Meeting Announcement] [SOC Bylaws]
Ongoing Harmful Algal Blooms (2017-11-28)
Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) currently pervade the SW FL nearshore Gulf of Mexico. The blooms extend into Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbor and Caloosahatchee Estuary. Satellite imagery show where chlorophyll concentrations are highest, indicating an intense red tide. [News-Press] [Facebook]
Daltry on Regional Planning (2017-11-28)
Past planning practices are to blame for many of our regional water problems. Past directors of Calusa Waterkeeper - Wayne Daltry, Ray Judah a Rae Ann Wessel - explain the history of planning in SW Florida in a Florida Weekly article by Roger Williams. [Florida Weekly]
Annual Dues & Donations (2017-11-28)
Please renew your Calusa Waterkeeper membership and make a donation before year's end. Our group has made amazing progress in its new Waterkeeper programs, including algae & bacteria sampling, Ranger training & other advocacy activities. Support making our waters drinkable, swimmable, and fishable! [Donation Page] [Membership Renewal]
Bill Hammond Instructs Rangers (2017-11-28)
Environmental educator Dr. Bill Hammond was a guest lecturer at the Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger Academy on Nov 18. The final lecture for John Cassani's first graduating class will be held Dec 2 at Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. [Ranger Academy Class] [Hammond Lecture] [Bill Hammond]
Caloosahatchee Status, Nov 14-20 (2017-11-28)
Discharges from Lake Okeechobee continued at maximum practicable releases with average flows of 6,103 cfs to the Caloosahatchee at S-77. Discharges at S-80 averaged 3,288 cfs. To return lake levels below 16 ft the Corps will be forced to continue maximum discharges in all directions (E,W,&S). [SCCF Condition Report] [SCCF]
EAA Reservoir Public Comments (2017-11-27)
Calusa WaterKeeper John Cassani submitted comments to SFWMD on the scoping phase of the EAA Reservoir Project. CWK asks that modeling of stored reservoir water occur for Chlorophyll a, principal nitrogen species, specific conductance and total suspended solids under relevant residency scenarios. [Calusa Waterkeeper]
FL Waterkeepers Demand Action (2017-11-21)
All 12 Florida Waterkeepers have signed onto a letter calling for the renewal of funding for the Florida Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) Task Force through legislative appropriations in the 2018 session. This is a necessary step towards protecting Florida waters, wildlife, visitors and residents. [HAB Position Letter]
UN Climate Conference (2017-11-21)
UF students Rock Aboujaoude Jr (from LaBelle) & Taymour Khan attended the annual UN climate change conference (COY13) in Bonn, Germany. They were the only US students attending. Their COY workshop was organized by Calusa Waterkeeper members as was Rock’s participation in COY-Paris & COY-Marrakesh. [Image] [Image] [Campus Climate Corps] [Facebook] [Intelligenstia International]
CWK Exec Director at SFWMD (2017-11-20)
Reinaldo Diaz of Calusa Waterkeeper spoke at the SFWMD Water Resources Advisory Commission meeting held on Nov 2, 2017. Most of the advocacy groups at the hearing made considerable oral and written responses to the proposed MFL revision by SFWMD. The District’s maintained the MFL at 400 cfs at S-79. [Meeting Agenda]
Environment & Constitution (2017-11-20)
A Florida Constitution amendment proposed for the 2018 ballot seeks to give people the right to a clean and healthful environment. However, a national "Green Amendment" activist says that as currently proposed the FL amendment has no real teeth and should be changed before consideration by voters. [The Ledger] [FL Constitutional Commission] [National Video]
6th UF Water Symposium (2017-11-17)
John Cassani, of Calusa Waterkeeper will be speaking at the 6th UF Water Institute Symposium on Feb 6 2018 from 1:30 pm. He will be presenting "In Support of Re-instating the Florida Harmful Algal Bloom Task Force: Establishing New Strategies for Monitoring, Prediction & Public Notification." [UF Water Insitute] [Symposium Announcement] [Calusa Waterkeeper] [UF Wate Institute website]
Key to Future of Florida (2017-11-16)
A 143-mile dike is crumbling and offers no major southern spillway. Dreadful algae blooms choke Florida's Lake Okeechobee and coastlines. In a Florida Weekly interview with the Calusa Waterkeeper, John Cassani, Florida Weekly's Roger Williams explores these and other south Florida water issues. [Florida Weekly]
Why Not Clean It North? (2017-11-14)
The Kissimmee River and Lake Okeechobee are part of the Everglades. Don’t they deserve the same protection from excess nutrient pollution as the southern Everglades? There is need for flexibility in the design of the structures and operations and maybe consider sending it North. [Okeechobee News]
Ranger Training Workshop (2017-11-13)
The second workshop in the Calusa Waterkepeer (CWK) Ranger Academy training series will be held on Sat, Nov 18, 2017, 9:00 AM at the Calusa Nature Center Iona House. The workshop will review the ABCs of water management and other courses. See you there! [MAP] [UF] [Calusa Waterkeeper]
Waterkeeper 2017 Annual Report (2017-11-08)
The Waterkeeper Alliance 2017 annual report is out and the fight for drinkable, fishable, & swimmable water is stronger than ever. In the fiscal year, a new activism platform "Dive into Democracy" was born. The network challenged a rollback that could wipe out protections for cleaning up America. [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Website]
BMAP Comments (2017-11-08)
Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani analyzed the DEP BMAP report on nutrient reduction efforts for the Caloosahatchee Estuary. He discovered clearly deceptive accounting making it look like water quality is improving when it simply is not. [Calusa Waterkeeper] [Conservancy] [BMAP Cartoon]
Climate Change 90% Manmade (2017-11-06)
A comprehensive review by 13 US federal agencies concludes that evidence of global warming is stronger than ever and that more than 90% of it has been caused by humans. The conclusion contradicts a favorite talking point of senior members of the Trump administration. [The Guardian] [The New York Times] [Climate Change Report] [NYT]
Capece Speaks to Coalition (2017-11-03)
Dr. John Capece, board member of Calusa Waterkeeper, addressed the SWFL Justice4All Coalition at its Nov 6 meeting at the Naples Unitarian Church. His topic was climate change. Other panelists spoke on fracking, solar energy, sea level rise, and carbon tax. [Panel] [Suzanne Cherney] [Amy Clifton] [Pam Gharabally] [Sally Woliver] [Clifford Mitchem]
CWK MFL Comments (2017-11-02)
Calusa Waterkeeper (CWK) submitted comments to SFWMD on the draft revision of Caloosahatchee minimum flow criteria (MFL). CWK is opposed to setting the MFL at 400 cfs but support a MFL in the range of 600-800 cfs at S-79. Details in the report attached. [Calusa Waterkeeper]
Save the Everglades Rally (2017-11-01)
Join us in Naples on Saturday, Nov 4, in Naples at the intersection of Davis Blvd & US41 to raise pubic awareness of the needs for Everglades restoration projects throughout south Florida. A lecture at 10am precedes the rally at noon. Then at 3pm we move to Cambier Park for another rally at 4pm. [Description for FGCU Students] [Day of Action] [Rally Location] [Facebook Invitation for All]
Criticizing Scott Over Water (2017-11-01)
The biggest environmental issue with governor Scott's administration is the systemic lack of enforcement and land use planning oversight, writes John Cassani in Oct 25 mailbag. This systemic error has resulted in decline in water quality of the states waters and putting a risk on public health. [News-Press] [Cartoon]
Rangers Gather Water Data (2017-10-27)
Calusa Waterkeeper and Rangers are collecting basic water quality data from the tidal Caloosahatchee River. The data being collected include salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen. Ranger & Director Ruth Watkins is monitoring Hendry Creek and Estero Bay. Ranger Terry focuses on the estuary. [Calusa Waterkeeper] [Water Quality Data] [Website] [Ranger Terry]
Environmental Breakfast Award (2017-10-26)
Courtney Kern received a $1500 scholarship at the 20th Annual Environmental Breakfast hosted by Audubon. Courtney is an FGCU Environmental Studies senior & Student Naturalist with plans for grad school and a teaching career, perhaps as a professor. [Presentation by Tony Lee of FGCU] [Announcement by Dan Van Norman] [Breakfast] [Riverside Community Center] [Courtney Kern]
Lake O Water Level Declines (2017-10-26)
As the Lake O water levels have declined to below 17ft, it is yet unknown when the Corps will slow releasing water into the Caloosahatchee River. John Capece of Calusa Waterkeeper says the Corps are operating with a lot of constraints. "They’ve just got a lousy hand to play." [Naples Daily News] [USACE]
Water Quality = Home Value (2017-10-25)
Florida Realtors research in 2015 showed that water quality affects your property value. A 1-foot decrease in water clarity (measured by Secchi disk depth) results in a fall of more than 400 million dollars in coastal county property value. [Florida Realtors Study]
Florida Panther Hot Spot (2017-10-25)
Roads in Collier County rank among the worst hot spots for vehicle collisions with endangered Florida Panthers. Advocates recommend wildlife crossings on 20 road segments in Collier and Hendry counties, some in the Calusa Waterkeeper jurisdiction. [Naples Daily News] [Hot Spots]
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