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October 2017 Newsletter (2017-10-17)
The October 2017 Calusa Waterkeeper newsletter is available online. It features Waterkeeper news and opinions on issues. The archive provides an index to many of the newsletters dating back to 1995. Sign up to receive the newsletter by email. [October Newsletter] [HTML Version] [Newsletter Archive]
Irma Shatters Flow Records (2017-10-13)
Hurricane Irma created record shattering flow at Franklin Lock (S79) on Sep 11 & 12. The Corps measured discharge at 27,783 cfs, exceeding the previous records set in 2005-2006 by 25%. Measurements began in 1966 following construction of the lock and dam in 1965. [Recent Flow Data] [2017 Hydrograph]
Caloosahatchee MFL Reevaluation (2017-10-13)
Lee County submitted comments to SFWMD on the proposed MFL (minimum flows and levels) for the Caloosahatchee Estuary. Lee County asserts the data supports an MFL greater than 650 cfs rather than the SFWMD proposal of 400 cfs. The County urges SFWMD to work in collaboration with FDEP on this. [Details]
Irma Impact On Tourism (2017-10-10)
After Irma, dark colored water and bacteria along the beaches and other water bodies including the Caloosahatchee River, is affecting the tourism sector. The popular TripAdvisor web page shows that people are commenting on our poor water conditions. [TCPALM] [ Bacteria] [ Brown Water]
Glades Co. Reservoir Concerns (2017-10-09)
Concerns raised by Glades County regarding a reservoir planned for their lands sound exactly the same as those raised by Calusa Waterkeeper back in the early to mid-2000's regarding C-43 Reservoir. SFWMD has been hosting meetings with Glades County officials and residents to discuss project plans. [Okeechobee News] [TCPalm]
Ranger Training Academy (2017-10-05)
Starting Oct 14 you can attend Calusa Waterkeeper Ranger Training Academy to learn how to serve as a volunteer Ranger, helping sample and protect our area waters. Contact John Cassani at 239-633-7274 for additional information. [Flier] [Ranger Academy] [Ranger Recruitment]
Nature Center Haunted Walk (2017-10-07)
Everyone anticipates (or dreads) the annual Haunted Walk at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium in Ft. Myers. If you have not experienced this stroll through the Nature Center darkness, you should do it at least once. It is memorable. This is its 33rd year. [Details]
Caloosahatchee BMAP Meeting (2017-10-07)
SFWMD hosts a meeting to discuss the Caloosahatchee TMDL program and review the draft 5-year review of the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP). The meeting is 10AM on Oct 18 at the Lower West Coast Service Center, 2301 McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers. [Final Modeling Report] [Background Files Storage]
Helping Train Future Waterkeeper (2017-10-06)
Linda Lamya, a graduate student from Malawi, is serving as our intern to prepare for creating the 1st Waterkeeper program in her nation. In November she hopes to take a train trip across the USA to meet other Waterkeepers. Donations are needed to support travel expenses, so please consider helping. [Linda Lamya CV] [Proposed Train Path & Stops]
Mattos Raises Concerns (2017-10-06)
Linda Mattos, Director of Calusa Waterkeeper, attended the Ft Myers Community Meeting on Oct 5 and raised the issue of bacteria contamination of Billy’s Creek and other waterways. Councilman Johnny Streets followed up with City inquiries. [Councilman Streets Follow-up] [Linda Mattos Handout]
The Island Sand Paper (2017-10-06)
Once a month or so, The Island Sand Paper asks a community leader 6 Questions. This Oct, they have featured John Cassani, who is in his first year as the Calusa Waterkeeper. In his responses, Cassani explains more about Calusa Waterkeeper and the environmental issues around it. [Island Sand Paper News]
Waterkeeper Weekly Newletter (2017-10-06)
Read the Waterkeepers Alliance weekly newsletter to learn about the lawsuit Waterkeeper and partners have filed against EPA for withholding public information. Also included is how EPA budget cuts will impact certain watersheds. Follow the link to view the newsletter. [Waterkeeper Alliance Newsletter] [Waterkeeper ] [Twitter] [Facebook]
Executive Director Search (2017-10-05)
Reinaldo Diaz and Jack Green before him were both excellent ED's. But with Reinaldo beginning his Lake Worth Waterkeeper program in January, Calusa Waterkeeper will again be searching for a new Executive Director. Applications will be sought in November with interviews in early December.
Waterkeeper in Palm Beach Co. (2017-10-05)
Calusa Waterkeeper Executive Director Reinaldo Diaz received his license from Waterkeeper Alliance for the new Lake Worth Waterkeeper program in Palm Beach County. We are pleased to have helped Reinaldo achieve this status and look forward to cooperation after he departs Calusa on Dec 31. [7 New Waterkeeper] [Reinaldo Diaz]
Sea Grass Restoration Begins (2017-10-05)
On Oct 4 John Cassani & Reinaldo Diaz took Ryan Brushwood of Sea and Shoreline LCC on site visits to homes of those who volunteered their waterfronts for the CHNEP Sea Grass Gardening program. The project will create sea grass seed sources along the river to help repopulate the decimated habitat. [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6]
Chiquita Lock Under Threat (2017-10-05)
Hurricane Irma delayed FDEP's review of Cape Coral's request to remove Chiquita Lock. The Cape first applied for a removal permit in Oct 2016, ten years after dismantling Ceitus Boat Lift. It outlasted its opponents in the Ceitus removal legal challenges from Calusa Waterkeeper and others. [NBC2 News]
Solution...Or New Problem (2017-10-02)
Reacting to claims that water solutions might come from the C-43 Reservoir in 2022, Calusa Waterkeeper member David Ceilley said, "It's just a bath tub, which could make it (the water) illegal to release the water back into the river." [NewsPress]
Post Irma Pollution Report (2017-10-02)
Florida DEP is publishing timely notices of pollution after Irma. Calusa waterkeeper produced a google map pollution report segmented based on category - waste water (sewage), industrial water, reuse water, storm water, diesel and oil. WWALS watershed coalition has also posted a similar map. [EPA] [Calusa Waterkeeper Map] [WWALS Map] [FDEP Page]
Irma Flushes Estuary Out to Sea (2017-10-02)
The Caloosahatchee River estuary doesn't really exist following Irma rain washing it miles into the Gulf of Mexico. The estuary is harmed when flows reach 2,800 cubic feet per second or above. Water quality scientists say flows exceeding 27,000 cfs ran down the river in the wake of Irma. [NewsPress]
Bacteria Count Warning Criteria (2017-10-02)
EPA publishes standards for local agencies to follow in determining when warnings should be issued for drinking water consumption and for recreation waters contact. Both are important following a hurricane like Irma that can contaminate recreational waters and water supplies. [EPA Drinking Water] [EPA Health Criteria] [EPA Recreational Criteria] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Beaches Claimed Clean (2017-09-28)
Collier & Lee beaches got the all-clear after agency tests showed the water to have safe levels of bacteria. Florida Department of Health had issued a precautionary no-swimming advisory in the days after Hurricane Irma. Calusa Waterkeeper is doing its own testing and will release results soon. [NewsPress]
Enough is Enough (2017-09-27)
Calusa Waterkeeper member Phil Schwartz writes that he has continually heard and read in the NewsPress that "The American people" agrees with this, or voted for that, all things pertaining to Trump. Climate change is a scientific fact of life. We cannot go on being lied to day after day. [NewsPress Mailbag]
Coal Mining in Indonesia (2017-09-01)
Indonesian mining advocacy network, JATAM, and international clean water nonprofit, Waterkeeper Alliance, released a report, “Hungry Coal – Coal Mining and Food Security in Indonesia,” indicating that coal mining is the major threat to Indonesian food security and a major land-use policy conflict that demands government intervention. [Waterkeeper Alliance]
EPA Sued Over Public Records (2017-09-01)
Environmental groups including the Waterkeeper Alliance and Sierra Club have sued Environmental Protection Agency for violating the U.S. Freedom of Information by delaying to release records about wastewater treatment rules for power plants .EPA actions is contrary to the public interest. [Reuters] [WaterKeeper Alliance] [waterkeeper.]
Time for Climate Action (2017-09-01)
Your support is needed today to help end our global reliance on fossil fuels and keep it in the ground.Please make a generous donation to the 2017 Clean and Safe Energy Campaign right now. Every dollar you donate will stop the deadly assault on our fragile climate and waterways. [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Twitter]
Feigning Concern (2017-09-01)
On June 30 City of Cape Coral held a phone conference with DEP staff in Fort Myers and Tallahassee offices to discuss several items regarding the City permit application for removal of Chiquita Lock. Calusa Waterkeeper considers the two to be colluding in destruction of our water quality. [Chiquita Lock Meeting Summary]
Negrons Reservoir Plan (2017-08-31)
John Cassani supports Senator Negron's proposal to accelerate construction of a storage reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee, through Senate Bill 10. He views the proposal as a bold step that's challenging the status actually doing what CERP called for almost 20 years ago. [Cassani SB10 opinion] [Proposal]
Methane Rule Repeal Fails (2017-08-31)
The Senate's 51-to-49 vote against repeal of the methane rule marked the first time since President Trump's election that an attempt by Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to overturn an Obama-era rule failed. This victory results from the work of many, including Waterkeepers. [Repeal of Methane Rule Fails ] [Act Now]
CWK Water Sampling SOPS (2017-08-31)
Calusa waterkeeper enteric bacteria sampling program utilizes water sampling guidelines, IDEXX COLILERT®-18 test method For the simultaneous detection of total Coliform and E.Coli in water and IDEXX ENTEROLERT method for the detection of enterococci in water. [IDEXX Colilert] [IDEXX Enterolent] [Calusa Waterkeeper]
Bacteria in Caloosahatchee River (2017-08-31)
Downtown Fort Myers is off the charts for total coliform and e coli," said John Cassani of Calusa water keeper who tested the waters and found high levels of the bacteria.He calls the event as a terrible mess that is putting a risk on public health and ecological problems. Dont go near the water!! [NewsPress] [Calusawaterkeeper]
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