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Water & Data Not Transparent (2017-06-11)
After DEP declined informal requests from Calusa Waterkeeper for water quality data, John Cassani filed a formal public records request for information on algae or algal toxins with respect to the Lee County Olga Water Treatment Plant on the Caloosahatchee River. [Public Records Request] [ACLU Report]
Lawn Obsession (2017-06-05)
In an NBC-2 report about homeowners violating fertilizer restrictions, Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani explains that the first 90% of our water's pollution typically comes from the first 10% of the runoff, which often comes in June or July.
Waterkeeper at CHNEP TAC (2017-06-05)
Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani delivered a presentation to the CHNEP Technical Advisory Committee about Matlacha Pass and associated TMDLs. He requested CHNEP analyze and consider developing position the issue and CHNEP is following up. [Jennifer Hecker Follow-up] [Presentation to CHNEP]
Green Light for Seagrass (2017-05-31)
Senator Jack Latvala sponsored a $1.5 million dollar appropriation in the state budget for 30 acres of seagrass restoration in the Caloosahatchee Estuary. The project was championed by David Ceilley of Johnson Engineering through the Snook Foundation. [Smaller Waterkeeper Seagrass Project] [Funding Request] [Snook Foundation] [Senator Jack Latvala]
Jean Turnbull, New Director (2017-05-31)
A NW Explorations charter customer since 2011, Jean is one of the most experienced mariners. Jean and her partner, Priscilla Myers, have cruised all over the world, including an almost one-year circumnavigation around eastern North America and an 18-week trip around Alaska's Inside Passage. [Photo] [NW Explorations]
Ruth Watkins, New Director (2017-05-31)
Ruth Watkins has over 30 years experience working for water quality-focused environmental organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Much of that time was spent coordinating with agencies, local governments and diverse groups to undertake multifaceted projects to protect vulnerable water resources. [Photo] [Jim and Ruth Watkins]
Retired Directors Thank You (2017-05-30)
Calusa Waterkeeper would like to thank this year's retired directors: Philip Schwartz, Wayne Daltry, Marti Daltry, Mary Rawl, Greg Rawl, John Scott, Ruth Scott, Mary Ruth Prouty, Mel Karau, Rob Wilson and Nargiza Abduvohidova for their great service and efforts to move our organization forward.
Reinaldo Diaz, Executive Director (2017-05-30)
Reinaldo Diaz is Calusa Waterkeeper's new Executive Director (ED). Reinaldo attended law school with the goal of pursuing a career in environmental advocacy. He will serve as ED until Jan 2018 at which time he hopes to form a Waterkeeper organization for Palm Beach & north Broward Counties. [Photo] [Background]
2017-18 Directors Elected (2017-05-30)
At its May 6 annual meeting, Calusa Waterkeeper President John Paul conducted an election for the 2017-18 Board of Directors. 8 directors were elected: John Paul, Gene Gibson, Ron Zimmerly, Linda Mattos, John Capece, Ruth Watkins, and Jean Turnbull. Officers will be elected by directors on June 8. [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] [2017-18 Board of Directors]
Severe Loss of Biodiversity (2017-05-30)
Scientists say the earth has entered a new geological epoch, one defined by humanity's growing impact on the planet, climate, and ecosystems. The proposed name for the possible new epoch is the Anthropocene. Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani helped spearhead the biodiversity conference. [WGCU] [Photo]
Matlacha (2017-05-30)
The Matlacha Civic Association at its March meeting updated citizens on the Fire District lawsuit, water quality issues in Southwest Florida and the lawsuit against Cape Coral's annexation of property on Matlacha. John Cassani of Calusa Waterkeeper gave a presentation on SW Florida's water quality. [Pine Island Eagle]
Waterkeeper Weekly (2017-04-18)
Keep track of the great work and activities of the Waterkeeper Alliance around the world by reading the weekly newsletter. This past week again, you can get information about new legislative updates, or about the upcoming events and projects. [Waterkeeper Alliance Newsletter]
No More Constructions (2017-04-18)
Some Fort Myers developers use a little understood financial mechanism, tax increment rebates, to finance the construction of luxury high-rise condominium towers along the Fort Myers riverfront. According to Gene Gibson, resident of Fort Myers, this looks and smells like crony capitalism. [The News-Press]
CRCA Annual Member Meeting (2017-04-16)
The annual membership meeting of Calusa Waterkeeper (CRCA) will be held May 6 at 10:30 AM at the Franklin Lock south bank pavilion. After election of directors, President John R. Paul III is treating members to lunch by Gator Hammock, including Buddy Taylor's famous banana pudding. Don't miss it! [Agenda] [CRCA Bylaws] [Location: 1660 South Franklin Lock Road, Alva]
Support SB10! (2017-04-10)
Calusa Waterkeeper, John Cassani, supports Florida Senate Bill 10, a bill that would allow for a reservoir to be built south of Lake Okeechobee. Please contact your legislator before April 12 in time for a vote of the full Florida Senate and support Senate Bill 10. [Details] [SB 10]
Let Them Know (2017-04-06)
From Apr 10 to Apr 21, 2017, Members of Congress will be returning to their districts, it is an opportunity for you to attend town halls and meet with them. This is your chance to tell to your Members of Congress how important clean water is to you. Your voice matters. [Weekly Newsletter]
Annual Membership Meeting (2017-04-06)
The Calusa Waterkeeper annual membership meeting will be held at the south bank park at Franklin Lock on Saturday, May 6 at 10:30 am. This meeting is open to the Waterkeeper members. The new board of directors will be elected for the 2017-2018 term. [Location Map]
Fresh Deception About Lake O (2017-04-06)
The right-wind James Madison Institute in Tallahassee is again trying to use the current crisis to make things better for ag and worse for the FL environment. It is part of the effort to seize total control of Lake O by pushing out the Feds and permanently (not temporarily) raising waters in Lake O [Sun Sentinel] [Real (not fake) Science on Lake O] [Herbert Hoover Dike]
Trumps Targets Clean Power Plan (2017-04-05)
President Trump signed an executive order that will have grave climate impacts. The order rolls back many Obama Administration initiatives to curb greenhouse gas emission, including the Clean Power Plan which aimed to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants 32% by 2030. [Waterkeeper Alliance] [Attack on Environment]
Reject H.R. 1179 (2017-04-05)
HR1179 before Congress would require groups like Calusa Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance to pay the legal costs of the defendant anytime a citizen or group loses a case for any reason. The goal is to discourage non-profits from taking actions against polluters. It favors big corporations. [Newsletter]
Water Emergency (2017-04-03)
An advisory stage notice of irrigation water use has been issued by Cape Coral. Water levels in freshwater canal system are declining quickly. Waterkeeper and scientist John Cassani previously explained one of the reasons Cape Coral is running out of fresh water, removal of the Ceitus Boat Lift. [The News-Press] [Cassani on TV] [From Flood to Drought in Months] [Drought Expansion]
Fake Study? (2017-04-03)
After the Everglades Foundation touted a controversial economic study by saying the Clemson University investigators are solely responsible for the content of the report, a spokesman for the schools Office of Research Communications says he is not familiar with the project. [The Capitolist] [Everglades Foundation Study]
Do Not Miss This Show! (2017-03-26)
Premiering Apr 4-8 in St. Pete is the National Caravan Stage Company original production of Nomadic Tempest (a Climatopian Spectacle). They perform on a stage suspended from the masts of the Amara Zee, an old London river barge. CRCA held meetings on the ship when she docked in LaBelle last year. [Nomadic Tempest Flier] [QR Code Image] [March 31 Climate Conversation] [Show Details] [Tickets]
Together For Clean Water (2017-03-22)
Marc Yaggi, Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance, wrote a letter adressed to every citizen seeking for their right: drinking clean water. It is to react to President Trumps Executive Orders and actions against environment. Support our organization during this fight. [Letter]
$1100 from Yucatans (2017-03-21)
Thank you to Tom Kolar, owner of the Yucatan Beach Stand on Fort Myers Beach who held a special event on St. Patricks Day and allocated some of the proceeds to Calusa Waterkeeper. John Cassani and Jack Green were there for most of the day which generated $1100 for Waterkeeper programs! [Beer Benefit on St. Patricks Day]
Waterkeeper Weekly (2017-03-21)
Keep a track of the great work and activities of the Waterkeeper Alliance around the world by reading the weekly newsletter. This past week again, you can get information about new legislative updates, or about the upcoming events and projects. [Waterkeeper Alliance Newsletter]
Beer Benefit on St. Patricks Day (2017-03-21)
On Mar 17, St. Patrick's Day, Jack Green and John Cassani hosted a Beer Benefit for Calusa Waterkeeper at Yucatan's on Fort Myers Beach. As for the last event held on Feb 16, interesting conversations and fun were there. Thank you to all who did participate. [Image 1] [Image 2] [Image 3]
Climate Change Confuses Plants (2017-03-18)
A record warm February fooled the DC cherry trees into a record early budding more than a week ahead of any previous year. Then a snow storm & hard freeze hit, damaging more than 50% of the buds & creating the longest delay between budding and peak blossoming, expected by Mar 24. Climate Confusion! [Bloom Dates Table] [Bloom and Bust] [Ice-encased Buds]
Michelle Graham for House Seat (2017-03-17)
In 2018, Republican Michelle Graham will run for the same seat as a did CRCA Director John Scott, who as a Democrat lost to Matt Caldwell for FL House District 79. Like John Scott, she will emphasize water issues in her campaign. [The News-Press]
Suncoast Waterkeeper Sues Mosaic (2017-03-17)
Opposing the Corps of Engineers approval of new mines in Manatee County, Justin Bloom, executive director of Suncoast Waterkeeper said that for far too long, the phosphate industry has had its way with ineffective permitting and oversight. [Creative Loafing: Tampa Bay]
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